Stage 1

Bōnfun is a unique, wine-infused cognac made from lightly fermented, premium wine grapes blended with cognac. Bōnfun is produced in Fin Bois, a wine producing sub-region within the Cognac appellation.


Stage 2

The Fins Bois growing region widely regarded as producing some of the finest (fins) quality grapes, characterized by their floral, fruity softness which adds complexity and body to blends. Bōnfun’s grapes are organically grown to ensure proper nutrient absorption and a flavor reflective of the pure soil.


Stage 3

Bōnfun’s cognac is carefully distilled twice to isolate the “heart” of the liquid. The wine grapes are pressed and the juice is allowed to ferment naturally before infusing into the cognac. No sugar is added at any point in the process.


Stage 4

Cognacs from varying vintages are infused with wine from grapes grown in Cognac, France. Some also receive an additional infusion of all-natural floral essences (in the cases of Bōnfun Jasmine and Bōnfun Elderflower) from Grasse, France.


Stage 5

The wine-infused cognac is stored in carefully selected 100 year-old Limousin oak barrels for least 36 months, culminating in Bonfun. The whole process is carefully monitored in our warehouse in Cognac, France.

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Join for special tasting events and listening parties, trips, sweepstakes, discounted products, and Bōnfun apparel giveaways...


Bōnfun is a unique, wine-infused cognac made from the lightly fermented juice of pressed grapes blended with cognac. Bōnfun is produced in Fin Bois, a wine producing sub-region within the Cognac appellation. The appellation of Cognac geographically surrounds the sub-regions of Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Borderies...

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Bōnfun retail locations are currently located on the eastern seaboard of the United States. With several locations in New York and New Jersey, Bonfun is looking to expand its presence down the east coast, westward, and eventually internationally. Contact us for details on how to become a retailer...

The legend of Bonfun

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The legend of Bonfun

“After serving in the U.S. Army during the First Gulf War, Michael Barsella traveled extensively in France where he developed a love for cognac. During one trip he brought his saxophone to France where he played in the cities of Paris and Angouleme, and attended a jazz festival in Cognac..."


What makes Bonfun so unique, so rare and so ethereally delicious? Start with the skills of our Master Distiller, Jean-Francois Rault. A veteran of the cognac industry, Jean-Francois owns one of the largest organic vineyards in Cognac, France...

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Visit our music page for custom playlists, unique tracks, and exposure to award winning artists. Fun is our passion, cognac is our instrument...

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French expect small but high-quality wine vintage, good news for Bōnfun’s cognac grapes as well...

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Bonfun exclusive events range from pool parties to celebrity birthdays. Join our "Circle of 'Fun" for all the latest happenings near you. See you at our next special occasion...

Brand Ambassador

Bōnfun Global Brand Ambassador - Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis is perhaps one of the most musically adept producers to emerge from the hip-hop era since 1994. Born in Haiti, the self-taught musician turned Grammy Award-winning super-producer has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson and Shakira to Justin...

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